Who We Are

We are an event planners' technology resource. The service we provide and our application allow the event planner to focus on what they do best - flawlessly executing events. Our dynamic service is customizable by event and by planner. The requirements are different for each event - just like our application.

Developed in 2007, we are a privately held, woman-owned business.

Our customers have been in all industries and all sizes.

We have powered numerous events, from 100 to over 6,000 attendees.

Processes and forms tailored to your needs and your event.

We provide a fully customizable experience, focusing on high quality & ultimate levels of service.

Our goal is allow the event planner to focus on planning. We provide the benefit of an IT staff without adding the overhead to the bottom line.

This is not cookie cutter software.

Adding to the suite of services you already provide.